Private Aircraft Solutions – Fractional or Charter?

In today’s market, private aviation consumers have a wide variety of resources available to fit dynamic needs. Depending on the frequency of travel, it may be economical to purchase an aircraft. Owning a jet or turboprop aircraft requires a large initial investment as well as strong financial resources to handle the variable costs associated with operating the aircraft.  Private owners enjoy the luxury and convenience of traveling on a personalized schedule, where the option to share the aircraft is strictly at the discretion of the owner. With this convenience though comes the cost of insurance, pilot training, maintenance, hangar fees, and other costs that add up quickly.

For those who travel less, or don’t want the hassle or full expenses associated with whole aircraft ownership, there are companies today that provide fractional aircraft solutions. Fractional ownership allows a customer, or owner, to buy into a program by purchasing a share of a jet or turboprop aircraft. This is a more cost effective option that helps offset expenses as owners share use of the aircraft. Fractional companies have a large network of aircraft, so availability is usually never an issue. Just as timeshare owners enjoy the convenience of owning a portion of a luxury property, aircraft owners have the same flexibility at a lower cost than whole aircraft ownership. Fractional companies handle all maintenance, pilot training, insurance, and even catering for each individual passenger flight.

Those who fly occasionally but still want the flexibility and comfort of a private aircraft also have the option to charter.  Charter provides flexibility and a variety of aircraft options. Charter clients only pay for the time they fly, and do not pay large acquisition costs.  The variable costs of charter are higher than that of fractional or whole aircraft ownership, but the client is not bound with the large initial investment of acquiring the aircraft. There are many charter vendors throughout the country with top safety records and many aircraft options, catering to a wide variety of needs.

For each type of operations, various types of aircraft are used.  However Cessna Citation stands apart in that most operations use at least one type of Cessna Citation aircraft.  Of all the Citations, the most popular through the years has been the Citation 500 series.  This series of aircraft is the industry leader in private jet transportation.

Global Flight Training is a Citation flight school providing training for Second in Command,  Pilot in Command, and Single Pilot Exemption in the Cessna Citation 500 series aircraft. Training in this series covers 11 different models of Citation 500 aircraft.   Certification allows the pilot to serve as a required crew member flying a faster, more advanced jet aircraft and logging valuable turbine flight time desired by larger airlines and corporate operators.

For more information regarding the training available through Global Flight Training, see our website at or call us at 877-332-2123 ext 2

Michael Davidson

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