Citation 500 Series Single Pilot Exemption, Initial and Recurrent

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Fly your Citation 500 series aircraft alone without the hassles and expenses of extra crewmembers!

When you hold this rating, and your Citation-500 Series aircraft is properly equipped, you can fly the aircraft alone, reducing the total expense and crew logistics for each flight.

Vue, Inc. is the owner of a STC (exemption 9917), which allows FAA approved Single Pilot (SP) operation of a Citation 500 series aircraft with any wing, and any serial number.

The models included in this exemption are:

CE-500 – Citation 500 / CE-550 – Citation II / CS550 – Citation SII / CE-550 Bravo
CE-560 – Citation V / CE-560 Ultra / CE-560 Encore / Citation 552 (Military version)

Pilot Requirements:

  • 1st or 2nd class Medical

  • Have ATP or Commercial certificate

  • CE-500 type rating

  • At least 1000 hours total time

  • 50 hours of night flight

  • 75 hours instrument (40 actual)

  • 500 hours as PIC or SIC in turbine powered airplanes

Aircraft requirements:

  • Autopilot with approach coupling

  • Flight director system

  • Boom microphone

  • Transponder “ident” button on pilots control wheel.

  • The airplane converted by this STC may increase the number of passengers to the maximum limit without installing a cockpit recorder.


This training usually takes one to three days and can be done in your aircraft, at your location. It includes several hours of ground training, then flight training to proficiency. If you have a trip planed, we can incorporate a LOFT (Line Oriented Flight Training) flight which cuts down on your over all training costs. If carrying passengers, a separate flight is required for the air work (stall series and steep turns) which the FAA does not allow with passengers onboard.

This exemption lasts for 12 calendar months after which recurrent training is required.

A recent student said of this course “I learned so much more flying my own airplane than I ever did in a simulator”.


Pricing will include:

● All ground school training and materials
● All flight training to proficiency
● Check ride and all DPE expenses
● Instructor and all expenses
● No hidden costs/fees

Call for pricing 877-332-2123