Cessna Citation 500 Series SIC Crew Member Training

Are you ready to move on in your flying career?

Do you feel like you have been putting a lot of effort into building time?

Do you need something to push your credentials up a notch to make you and your resume what employers are looking for?

If so, Global Flight Training’s SIC Crew Member Training is what you need.  This course focuses on preparing you to be a functioning crew member ready to start flying in the right seat of a high performance jet.  It is much more than just an SIC type rating.  You will get the SIC type rating, but we go beyond that and teach you what is required to function on the line.  Our instructors frequently fly trips and will convey to you what will make you stand out as a crew member.

What is required…

The process to obtain the SIC type rating on your certificate

Per FAR 61.55 (b) (d), through this training you will:

  • Become familiar with the following: operational procedures, powerplant, equipment and systems.  The performance specs and limitations, normal abnormal and emergency operations, flight manual and the placards and markings. This can be done via home study or taught in the classroom.

  • Receive flight training in the aircraft demonstrating the skill and knowledge required for the safe operation of the Aircraft, relevant to the duties and responsibilities of a second in command, including:

    • Three takeoffs and three landings to a full stop as the sole manipulator of the flight controls;

    • Engine-out procedures and maneuvering with an engine out while executing the duties of pilot in command; and

    • Crew resource management training.

  • Receive logbook endorsement from the instructor

  • Complete and sign a FAA 8710 form

  • Appear in person at a FAA Flight Standards District Office to submit paperwork.


Included in the SIC training package
(Exclusive to Global Flight Training!)

  • Three hours logged Turbine (Jet) time (CFR 14 1.1 – definition of Flight Time)

  • Type rating on certificate complies with ICAO requirements to fly anywhere in the world

  • 12 Hours ground training on:

    • Systems

    • Crew Resourse managment

    • Airmanship

    • SIC Crew Member duties.

  • Learn the flow and SIC responsibilities from booking the trip to putting the airplane away

  • Learn the importance of flying “One way ALL the time”

  • SIC training kit including:

    • Study manual

    • Citation 500 series cockpit poster

    • Audio/Video training

    • Citation 500 series Checklist

    • Flight flows list checklist

    • Flash cards covering “Memory Items”

    • LOFT (Line Oriented Flight Training) diagrams (training while in the aircraft)

    • LOFT manual

    • Question & Answer guide (SIC Study aid, required knowledge for PIC rating)

    • Killer Items list and explanation

    • ATP Practical Test Standards book

  • Graduation certificate

  • Accompanied trip to the FAA FSDO to receive SIC type rating

  • Training by seasoned instructors who currently are flying the line

  • Flexible training schedule

  • Student oriented

What this means for you 

  • Log three hours of turbine time in the actual aircraft

  • Get a solid understanding and experience at the controls.

  • If necessary receive your High Performance endorsement

  • You get much more than just a type rating

  • Receive the most value, still at an affordable price

  • Open up a whole new world of flying opportunities

  • Take advantage of the impending pilot shortage more quickly

  • Begin building valuable turbine time

  • Gain a solid understanding of the aircraft and SIC responsibilities

  • Become ICAO qualified for SIC jobs in any of the 11 models of the Cessna Citation 500 series aircraft

  • Have the confidence that comes from actual aircraft experience (not just simulator, like most type rating programs!)

  • A stronger, more competitive resume

Course entry requirements

● Private,Commercial, or Airline Transport Pilot License
● Multi-Engine Class Rating ● Instrument Airplane Rating

Aircraft types covered by this type rating

● Citation 500 / Citation I / Citation ISP
● Citation II / Citation IISP / Citation SII / Citation Bravo
● Citation V / Citation Ultra / Citation Encore / Citation Encore+

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