Citation 500 Series SIC Crewmember Training

The students from the April class went home well trained, with the certification in their pockets.  Kevin stated, “I would highly recommend to anyone that is looking to further their training in Aviation to consider GFT”.  This is a great way to propel yourself into the category potential employers are looking at.

The flight training is performed by seasoned pilots who are active instructors and often fly trips so you will get training to a highly professional level.

Everyone who attends will receive 12 hours of ground school, and 3 hours of flight training.  Students while not flying are welcome to watch and listen to other students from passenger seats to enhance learning.

Each day there will be 4 hours of Ground training followed by flight training in the afternoon.

Included in the course

  • Three (3) hours logged Turbine (Jet) time (CFR 14 1.1 – definition of Flight Time)

  • Type rating on certificate complies with ICAO requirements to fly anywhere in the world

  • 12 Hours ground training on:

  • Systems
  • Crew Resource management
  • Airmanship
  • SIC Crew Member duties
  • Learn the flow and SIC responsibilities from booking the trip to putting the plane away

  • Learn the importance of flying “One way ALL the time”

  • SIC training kit including:

  • Study manual
  • Citation 500 series cockpit poster
  • Audio/Video training
  • Citation 500 series Checklist
  • Flight flows list checklist
  • Flash cards covering “Memory Items”
  • LOFT (Line Oriented Flight Training) diagrams (training while in the aircraft)
  • LOFT manual
  • Question & Answer guide (SIC Study aid, required knowledge for PIC rating)
  • ATP Practical Test Standards book
  • Graduation certificate

  • Accompanied trip to the FAA FSDO to receive SIC type rating