Are you ready for the corporate flight department?

When going through your certifications and ratings you will encounter many challenges that you have learned to overcome. Once you have been flying for a while and have your ATP, a different set of challenges occur. One of our students recently experienced a new challenge he hadn’t experienced and shared it with us. When he […]

SIC Responsibilities, Article 2 in a series – The flight plan

“You are cleared to taxi to runway 27L with clearance to cross the 32 approach zone. Clear on Left and Right, Turn right sir…” This article is # 2 in a series to help you understand what makes a good Second in Command so that working with the captain you can ultimately be a number […]

Tell your own Story

Everyone needs their own story in something they love. In the early to mid 80’s I worked as an electro/mechanical draftsman-designer at Trac Microwave in Tampa, Fla. We were developing microwave integrated circuitry for the space industry. Trac Microwave was located by the Tampa International Airport (TPA). It was an aviation related business so we […]

SIC Responsibilities, Article 1 in a series

“You are cleared to taxi to runway 27L with clearance to cross the 32 approach zone. Clear on Right, Turn right sir…” A Second in Command or First Officer is very busy. There is enough competition as a SIC pilot that if you want to fly often you need to make the captain’s job as […]

Flying in Icing Conditions

Its 7:00 pm the temperature outside is 2°C and its freezing rain. Your passengers are scheduled to arrive in 30 minutes. What do you do? As a pilot it’s your responsibility to get from point A to point B safely, your passengers depend on it. How? You ask. By studying and understanding all available information […]

Short Final


January 3, 2013 SIC student Peter on short final for runway 9 right at the KOSU airport


“N400EC you are cleared for a full stop landing runway 9 right, winds 160 at 9 gusting to 15”

Non Flying Pilot:

“State Tower Citation 0EC is cleared to land runway […]

Private Aircraft Solutions – Fractional or Charter?

In today’s market, private aviation consumers have a wide variety of resources available to fit dynamic needs. Depending on the frequency of travel, it may be economical to purchase an aircraft. Owning a jet or turboprop aircraft requires a large initial investment as well as strong financial resources to handle the variable costs associated with […]

Future Pilots – Don’t Give Up!

If you’ve dreamed of making flying your career, don’t ever give up, it will pay off if you remain diligent and keep moving forward. There is no better way to earn a living than doing what you love. You are fortunate that all indications point to a pilot shortage in the future. You should however […]

Can you find me a job?

“Can you get me a job?” This is the question I often get as the director of the Citation 500 series SIC type rating program. In today’s tight economy it’s wise for us to make sure our money is used to its fullest. I understand this because when I went through the process to get […]

Flight School Offers Quicker, Surer Path to Jobs for Pilots

August 20, 2012

Columbus, OH

The career path to a great job as a pilot is competitive, and can be long and expensive.

An aspiring pilot must work through private to commercial pilot certificates, then obtain instrument and multiengine ratings, and then usually must obtain a type rating in the specific aircraft for the job. […]