Can you find me a job?

Flying a jet“Can you get me a job?”  This is the question I often get as the director of the Citation 500 series SIC type rating program.  In today’s tight economy it’s wise for us to make sure our money is used to its fullest.  I understand this because when I went through the process to get my basic pilot’s licenses I accumulated debt and am still working to get my career underway pay off my accumulated debt and care for additional obligations.  It’s tough, no doubt about it.  And if I could get someone else to “get me a job” life would be easy.

Aviation is a “Relationship” driven business.  Ask any long time pilot and many of his pilot jobs came from knowing someone, or a referral.   A couple of adages I heard years ago are: “Luck is where preparedness and opportunity meet” and “The harder I work the luckier I get”.  In my case I went through my version of hell in getting my basic ratings and inducing my luck to get my first job.  When the opportunity came, I had all the knowledge and skill required for the job and was respected by the hiring manager.    Another job came because a good friend of mine referred me to the chief pilot, and even then it took a few weeks of building a relationship before we both felt good about the opportunity. Global Flight Training recognizes the need for pilots getting new ratings to find work as soon as possible and is willing to help with the work induced luck.  No one can guarantee a job, but if you pass the course and show your true abilities, GFT will recommend you to potential employers until you get an interview.  Then at this point it would be critical that your hard work pay off to make you lucky and get you the job.

One reason I believe that GFT is following the American way by giving our students more than they are paying for.

Eric Q. Howlett

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